Arabian Flames



Relaxation rituals, creating a peaceful ambiance, unwinding after a long day.


Light the Voyage candle and embark on a tranquil escape for the senses. Imagine gentle waves lapping against the shore as you lose yourself in this captivating fragrance.

As the candle flickers, let the calming fragrance transform your space into a serene oasis.

Olfactive Notes

Top Notes: Soft Floral- Delicate floral notes, like the whispers of exotic flowers carried by the breeze, create a sense of quiet beauty. Middle Notes: Warm Amber - Rich amber adds a touch of warmth and comfort, evoking the golden glow of a tranquil sunset. Base Notes: Hints of Citrus - The subtle scent of citrus adds a touch of freshness and invigorates the senses, like a gentle sea breeze.


100% soy wax, parfum (perfume), aqua (water), davana, italian bergamot, pink pepper, musk, leather, haitian vetiver.
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