Arabian Flames

Here, at Arabian Flames, we don’t just tell stories of love and luxury – we ignite them.

At Arabian Flames, we weave a tapestry of luxury, love, and sustainability, crafting a world where dreams flourish alongside nature.

Our ethos is built on the profound belief that humanity and nature can coexist in a symphony of elegance and environmental respect.

We believe luxury shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. That’s why we meticulously craft our products using sustainable practices and the finest natural ingredients.

From captivating bakhoor to luxurious scented candles and home fresheners, each creation embodies a harmonious ideal.

Our Story

At Arabian Flames, our mission is more than simply creating luxurious products. We are driven by a passionate symphony – a harmonious blend of exquisite experiences, captivating fragrances, and unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.

We believe that true luxury shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. We strive to create a world where indulging in the finest things goes hand-in-hand with respecting the planet that sustains us.

Spark your desires with untamed sparks of Arabian Flames. From the hot and dry lands of the desert to the calm and soft breezes of the sea, we bring you all the fragrances in between.


Embrace the intersection between luxury and simplicity and navigate to new heights with our fragrances.