Arabian Flames

El Maestro


This captivating perfume transports you to a vibrant lemon grove. Citrus notes blends seamlessly with earthy green accords, creating a lasting impression


El Maestro: Light & refreshing, with a touch of mystery.

Olfactive Notes

Top Notes: Lemon Verbena. Provides a bright, citrusy, and slightly herbal opening with a touch of lemony freshness
Heart Notes: Caraway.Adds a warm, spicy, and slightly licorice-like nuance.
Base Notes: Oakmoss & Ambroxan.Combine to create a rich, earthy, and woody base with a touch of musk and amber-like warmth. Oakmoss can also have a slightly green or mossy character.


Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance),Aqua (Water),Caraway, Lemon Verbena, Oakmoss Ambroxan.
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